Newsletters #3: The Reuterkiez “Every Day Quiet Areas” Map /// Die Karte der „ruhigen Orte im Alltag im Reuterkiez“

Dear all, On October 14 2017, the Reuterkiez Stadtteil-Tagung took place and we had a wonderful day of exchanging and debating about the neighborhood. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and imagine together a quieter future! Thank you so much to the Stadtteilbüro Reuterkiez for having made it possible, and of[…]

Newsletter #2 Let’s meet at the Stadtteil-Tagung for a sneak peek of the project’s results! /// Ich hoffe wir treffen uns auf der Stadtteil-Tagung für die ersten Einblicke in die Projektergebnisse

Dear all, We are almost there. The Stadtteil-Tagung organized by Stadtteilbüro Reuterkiez is approaching: so, let’s meet next Saturday for an afternoon of debate on issues affecting the neighborhood, such as housing, mobility and public spaces! It’ll be also an opportunity to know each other a bit further. I will also be in and I[…]

A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking

I’m pleased to share “A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking”, my essay on soundwalking envisioned especially for the newcomers to this method, such as architects, city planners and policy makers, yet also for everyone interested in learning how it is a soundwalk, its main purposes and how it can be designed and performed. This essay has[…]

Soundwalking in the Reuterkiez!

On April 28, we celebrated the International Noise Awareness Day 2017, by means of a group soundwalk in the Reuterkiez in Berlin. The International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) was founded by the Center for Hearing and Communication in 1996 to encourage people to do something about bothersome noise in the places where they work, live,[…]